Our Partners

Renaissance Consulting maintains a large network of professionals — all who we trust. Working hand-in-hand, we can plan and implement just about anything your company needs. We all work in a virtual team approach utilizing the latest technologies including WebEx, Skype, Dropbox file sharing — as well as of course email and phone.

We at Renaissance, Mark Juliano calls this concept The Virtual Machine — fast, high-quality, efficient, AND lower cost for you!

Trust us, we can implement most any business solution in a fraction of the time, with outstanding quality — seriously, we GUARANTEE we can implement in 50% less time (and cost) than it will take you or other consulting firms — and we’ll put it in writing!

And Renaissance project manages the entire effort, so you don’t have to…

Our Partner Services Include:
  • All of Renaissance’s services PLUS +++
  • Software engineering
  • App design & development
  • Website implementation
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Graphics design
  • Trade show design
  • Advertising
  • And MORE…

The Virtual Machine