About Renaissance

Renaissance Marketing Consulting is a marketing strategy, planning, and operations consulting firm owned by Mark Juliano. Renaissance is much more than an idea and planning firm. We work hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs, startups, and large company executives, and put our work into Real action and execution.

Renaissance’s Services Include:

  • Overall Business & Marketing Strategy
  • Business & Marketing Planning (including writing Business Plans, Marketing and Sales Plans)
  • Marketing (including implementation of marketing)
    • Product & Service Definition, Packaging and Pricing
    • Public Relations (press kits, press releases, press contact, analyst relations)
    • Advertising, Internet marketing, Public Relations, Events, Telemarketing
    • Website strategy, design and development
    • Online blogging and podcasting
    • Seminars and Webinars
  • AND — Temporary executive management — serving as temporary/interim CEO, CMO, Vice President of Marketing, Sales, Business Development, etc.
  • Serving on Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors


Mark Juliano has over 25 years of business, marketing, executive and entrepreneurship experience in a variety of industries including telecommunications, Internet, medical, software, (and now fashion) industries. He served in a variety of capacities including CEO, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Product Manager and Regional Sales Manager.

Mark’s successful startups include: FORE Systems (IPO), Network Equipment Technologies (IPO), Avidia (acquisition), MediaSite (acquisition), Haley Systems (acquisition), Vinomis Laboratories (ongoing), TalkShoe (acquisition),

Mark has served as an Adjunct Professor for 12 years at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and San Francisco State University (SFSU) teaching classes in high-tech marketing, entrepreneurship, business planning, and creativity & innovation.

Mark holds an MBA from Stanford University and a BSE from Princeton University.

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